5 March 2021

Dear women!

Happy Women’s Day! Enjoy this beautiful spring with the ringing drops and the sun shining brightly!

Your main mission is to decorate our world, hereby making it better and more harmonious.

Nowadays you are not limited to the traditional role of the family and home keepers. Your tireless energy is enough for to successfully implement lots of important professional projects and inspired work.

Thank you for your warm soul, female wisdom and patience.

Please continue being beautiful, charming, amazing, and gentle.

Wish you sunny days, lots of smiles, joy in hearts, good mood and family well-being!

Yours faithfully,
A.V. Kobyakov,
ООО «Группа Сибуглемет»,

CEO of Sibuglemet Group LLC,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sibuglemet Holding LLC

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